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How do I get a referral?

If you have been diagnosed with moderate to severe hip or knee osteoarthritis, your family doctor or nurse practitioner can refer you to the MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Program using the standardized MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Referral form. This document opens in a PDF.

Who will see me?

Within four weeks of MSK CIAC receiving your referral, you will be seen by an Advanced Practice Provider (Physiotherapist) with specialized training in hip and knee osteoarthritis.

What happens during an assessment?

The Advanced Practice Provider will:

If you need hip or knee joint replacement surgery, you will be offered a referral to an orthopedic surgeon and a consultation appointment will be made for you. You will be given the option of choosing the first available surgeon with a shorter wait time, or a surgeon or hospital of your choice.

What do I need to bring to my assessement?

Patients need to bring CD or film x-ray of their affected joint that has been taken within the last 6 months. *Only if your x-ray was taken at a hospital in Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara, Haldimand Norfolk, Brant or Burlington, you do not need to bring a CD or film x-ray.

If your x-ray was taken at a community x-ray clinic, you need to bring the CD or film x-ray with you or your appointment will be rescheduled. The MSK CIAC team needs to see your x-ray to be able to provide you with the right diagnosis and a care plan.

Patients must also bring:

How long is the assessment?

The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes. Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so you can register. Please wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothing.

Will my family doctor or nurse practitioner be informed about my assessment?

Your family doctor or nurse practitioner will be sent a report about your assessment results. They will receive your treatment recommendations, and next steps.

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call MSK CIAC at 1-888-868-5568 at least 2 business days before your scheduled appointment.

Where are the MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Assessment Centres located?

Assessments take place in MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Assessment Centres. The MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Program has four Assessment Centres located in hospitals in Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington and Niagara. You will be booked for an assessment at the location closest to your home, or you may choose as preferred location, or the first available assessment at any of the locations within the region.

Download a copy of the MSK CIAC Patient Guide. This document opens in a PDF.

Patients are fully covered by OHIP.

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This program is part of Ontario Health (West) Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Burlington, Brant Region.