Hip & Knee

Primary Care Providers

Referral Criteria

Adult patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in need of assessment for primary hip or knee arthroplasty (joint replacement).

MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Referral Form

Referrals are faxed to the MSK CIAC Central Intake Office at 1-888-556-0966. Please use the MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Referral form. This document opens as a PDF. This is the only referral form accepted.

A copy of the patient's cumulative medical history and current medication list is required at the time of referral.

A copy of the patient's x-ray, of their affected joint, taken within the last 6 months is required at the time of referral.

An MRI is not required.

Standard Hip/Knee X-ray Images Required

Standard hip and knee x-ray imaging is required to confirm a diagnosis of moderate to severe osteoarthritis for triage to an arthroplasty assessment. Please include the required x-ray imaging report with the referral. Imaging requirements are based on current clinical practice guidelines.

Hip X-ray Images Required

Knee X-ray Images Required


Patients will be assessed by an Advanced Practice Provider. The referring Primary Care Provider will receive a consult note detailing the patient's assessment and treatment recommendations within 7 business days.

Assessment Centre Locations

Assessments take place in MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Assessment Centres. The MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Program has four Assessment Centres located in hospitals in Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington and Niagara.

Patients can request to be booked at the location closest to their home, or a preferred location, or the first available assessment at any of the locations. Please indicate patient preference on the referral form. 

Surgical Consult

Patients who are identified as potential surgical candidates at their assessment, will be offered consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon. Patients are offered a choice of surgeon based on first available with a shorter wait time, or a surgeon or hospital of their choice.The orthopaedic surgeon will determine if the patient is a suitable surgical candidate and outline a treatment plan.  Patient preference can be indicated on the inital referral form.

Resources for Patients That Don't Meet the Referral Criteria

Please refer to our Conservative Management Resources for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Management.  This document opens as a PDF.

Please check out our Helpful Links and Exercises for resources. 

Patients are fully covered by OHIP.

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This program is part of Ontario Health (West) Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Burlington, Brant Region.